Untitled by Skylah Ginette

I am wandering tonight
To feel the tears of the sky
On my chapped lips,
To sway beneath the pale sliver of a moon
And wail for the woes
Of this weary world.

I cry for a lost childhood.
I weep for dead eyes-
Eyes that stare past you,
Past the world.
I sob for a broken heart,
A broken soul.

I walk through the most of rain,
Through the sweat and blood of the earth.
Shadows split in two;
A trick of the dark.

I stop.

I cry out to the moon,
“I love you!”
I turn my face to the sky.
“Let it rain!”
I whisper,
“Let it pour.”
I kneel to the ground.
I kiss the grass.
“I’m sorry.”

Tears run down my face.
“It will be okay.”

"Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment”
— lao tzu (via purplebuddhaproject)