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My body is ready

Reflection on selling swimsuits to women

Working in the swimsuit industry for over a year now has given me a unique insight about women. We are afraid to show too much skin, but we are also afraid not to. Being in a bikini is one of the most vulnerable places you can be in, but if you are not in one people will judge you for going against the mainstream mentality. Others will deem the girl who wears a one piece “prude” or “unfashionable” or “insecure”, but meanwhile they are also thinking “oh god is my nipple showing” or “i hope they can’t see my tummy flab” or “just suck it in for a little while longer”. It’s not fair. People think that showing off your body shows body confidence, but showing so much of oneself allows for so much more opportunity for insecurity and judgement that I believe it actually decreases body confidence. In general, women as individuals feel vulnerable, even degraded by bikinis, but societal peer pressure create a mentality that it is necessary to wear one.